A unique combination of Free Zone status, state of the art commercial and residential property, and top-tier commodities and financial services, puts DMCC in a class of its own. Added to this, ongoing investment in the most interconnected, innovative infrastructure and leading business services makes it easy to trade from here. Efficiently, effortlessly, anywhere in the world.

If you want to make the process easy and smooth regarding DMCC Services, you need to contact Fixit Government Services. Fixit Government Services Typing Center specializes in Dubai Multi Commodities Center’s  Services.

Our Smart Employees in the DMCC branch will guide you and help you in a smart way.

Our location is Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Almas Tower, First floor, office  No 26. To see the map and more details about this branch please visit our Contact us page.

In  our  DMCC branch we can help you with:

  1. New Company Set-up
    • Initial Company Name Reservation
    • Application for a New Company
    • Application for a New Branch Company
    • Application for a New Subsidiary Company
  2. Registration
    • Request for Increase in Share Capital
    • Request for Share Transfer
    • Request for Change of Company Name
    • Request for Appointment of New Director or Change of Director
    • Request for Appointment of Secretary or Change of Secretary
    • Request for Appointment of Legal Representative
    • Request for Change in Director, Manager, Secretary Details
    • Request for Change of Manager
    • Request for Change in Shareholders Details
    • Request for De-registration of a Company
    • Request for NOC to Concordia – Fit-out
    • Request for NOC to Concordia – Change of Address
    • Request for NOC to Emirates Post, DEWA or DU
    • Request for NOC to Land Department
    • Request for NOC to open a Bank Account
    • Request for true copy/attestation of company documents
    • Request for List of Manager, Director, Secretary, Legal Representative, Shareholders
  3. Licensing
    • Request for License Renewal for 1 or 3 years
    • Request for Changing or Adding New Activity
    • Request for Additional License
    • Request for Change of Address on License
    • Request for Termination of License
    • Request for Ramadan Permit
  4. Visas
    • Request for New Employment Visa – Applicant inside the UAE
    • Request for New Employment Visa – Applicant outside the UAE
    • Request for Visit Visa
    • Request for Residence Employment Visa Renewal
    • Request to Stamp Residence Employment Visa in a New Passport, Lost Passport
    • Request for Transfer from Free Zone to DMCC
    • Request for Temporary Access Card or Permanent Access Card
    • Request for new Permanent Identity Card
    • Request to renew Permanent Identity Card
    • Request to cancel Permanent Identity Card
    • Request for Job Title Amendment
    • Request for Salary Amendment
    • Request for Visa Cancellation
    • Report an Absconder
    • Request to Validate Employment Residence Visa to Re-Enter the UAE after Six Months
    • Request for Local Transfer within DMCC
    • Request to Transfer from DMCC to Other Government, Free Zone
    • Request for cancellation of unused entry permit or used entry permit prior to residence visa stamping
    • Request for Establishment Card
    • Request for Letters
    • Request for Entry Permit Renewal
    • Request for Duplicate Company Employment Card
  5. Compliance
    • Submit Audited Financial Statements
    • Appeal against a DMCC Compliance Decision
    • Appeal against Late Fees, Penalty, Fines
  6.  Mediation
  • Request for Mediation

For more detail click here to see our Contact us page.