Domestic Visa Insights in Dubai

Recognizing the family’s need for assistance, the UAE government allows for the sponsorship of nannies, drivers, and housemaids. MOHRE approves this aspect through the Tadbeer system.

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Initiating Domestic Visa Application

Prerequisites for applying for a maid or nanny visa in Dubai include:

  • Individual’s salary not less than AED 5000.
  • Ejari certificate for a two-bedroom apartment.
  • Sponsorship limited to countries approved by MOHRE.
  • Valid UAE residence visa of the sponsor.

The process commences with a maid visa application (entry permit), followed by Fitness test and Emirates ID application, culminating in visa stamping.

Required Documents for Domestic Visa Application

The sponsor must submit the following to GDRFA – Dubai:

  • Typed visa application form from an authorized typing office.
  • Non-relationship affidavit if the maid is from the same country.
  • Passport and visa copies of the sponsor and maid.
  • Passport photos of both sponsor and maid.
  • Sponsor’s three-month bank statement.
  • Copy of sponsor’s labor contract.
  • Copy of sponsor’s health insurance card.
  • Copy of sponsor’s tenancy contract for a two-bedroom unit.
  • Salary certificate of the sponsor.
  • Maid’s Medical Fitness Certificate from their country.

Note: Requirements may differ for UAE citizens or those working in the government or private sector.

Domestic Visa Validity

Residence visa validity is as follows:

  • Emirati or GCC sponsor: 2 years.
  • Expat sponsor: 1 year.
  • Golden Visa sponsor: 2 years.

Domestic Visa Renewal

Streamline Domestic Visa renewal through FIXIT Government Services Visa PRO Services. Furnish necessary documents, and we’ll manage the renewal process, ensuring ease and speed.

Required Documents for Domestic Visa Renewal

  • Medical Fitness Test.
  • Emirates ID.
  • Medical Insurance.
  • Employment Contract.
  • Residency Visa Application.

Domestic Visa Cancellation

FIXIT Government Services simplifies Domestic Visa cancellation. Provide required documents, and we’ll handle the process, offering peace of mind.

Required Documents for Domestic Visa Cancellation

  • Worker’s passport and visa copy.
  • Sponsor’s original Emirates ID.
  • Sponsor’s passport and visa copy.