Investor Visa Application in UAE: Unlocking Opportunities

Opting for an Investor Visa in UAE is a strategic move for foreign citizens aspiring to establish a business or invest in an existing entity. This choice not only grants the freedom to work and reside in the UAE but also extends sponsorship privileges to family members. The Investor Visa boasts a robust validity of three years.

Eligibility for Investor Visa Application 

Aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals owning 40% to 50% shares in an enterprise, be it a new venture or an established company, are eligible to apply for the Investor Visa. This application process entails meeting the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship’s requisites, including health assessments and background checks.

To secure this type of visa, an investor must meet specific criteria, such as being a partner or owning at least 40% shares in an existing company.

Advantages of an Investor Visa in UAE

The Investor Visa opens doors to extended residence in UAE (minimum of three years) and empowers the holder to launch their envisioned ventures within the city.

Effortless Investor Visa Application with FIXIT Government Services Amer

When entrusting your investor visa application to FIXIT Government Services Amer, a streamlined and efficient process is guaranteed. As a specialized service center, we maintain key connections with prominent departments and authorities in Dubai, and our commitment to excellent visa services has earned recognition from Dubai authorities themselves.

Documents Essential for Dubai Investor Visa Application

  1. Original ID of the authorized person on the establishment card.
  2. Passport copy.
  3. Fresh personal photo with a white background.
  4. Trade license.
  5. Memorandum of Association.
  6. Copy of the Establishment card.

Seize the opportunity, choose the Investor Visa, and allow FIXIT Government Services to guide you seamlessly through the process, ensuring your journey into Dubai’s business landscape is both efficient and rewarding.