Residence Visa Made Effortless with FIXIT Amer

When it comes to securing your Dubai residence visa, FIXIT Amer stands as your ultimate destination. Whether it’s applying for a new residence visa, renewing an existing one, or even canceling a residence visa, we cover the full spectrum of visa-related services with expertise and efficiency.

The Dubai residence visa bestows immigrants with the privilege of permanent residence in the UAE. Combining work and residence rights, this visa comes with an identification card that serves as official proof of identity, replacing the need for a passport in many instances. To uphold the visa’s validity, holders are required to enter the country at least once every six months.

FIXIT Amer’s comprehensive approach streamlines visa processing from start to finish. With years of experience in navigating Dubai’s intricate visa landscape, our team adeptly handles document processing, ensuring your needs are met with utmost effectiveness and minimal hassle.

Ease Your Path to Dubai Residence Visa

By entrusting us with the necessary documents, you not only save time and resources but also gain peace of mind. We handle the intricacies, and your Dubai residence visa is delivered right to your doorstep. As a premier visa service provider in the UAE, we stand by our commitment to excellence.

Who Qualifies for a Dubai Residence Visa?

Eligibility for a Dubai residence visa extends to applicants aged 18 and above. Medical fitness is verified through a mandatory medical test. This is coupled with a security check and application for an Emirates ID card, all of which FIXIT Amer effortlessly manages under one roof.

Understanding Residence Visa Validity

Residence visa validity varies from 1 to 3 years based on type and sponsor. Recent changes introduce 5 and 10-year options, subject to specific conditions. Maintaining validity necessitates a resident’s entry into the country at least once every six months.

Advantages of Holding a Residence Visa

  1. Open a bank account effortlessly.
  2. Enjoy comprehensive access to financial services.
  3. Apply for a Dubai driving license with ease.
  4. Benefit from government health services and insurance.
  5. Enroll your children in both government and private schools.
  6. Seamlessly work and invest across various sectors.
  7. Access visa-free travel to select destinations.

FIXIT Amer simplifies and accelerates your journey toward a Dubai residence visa, ensuring you reap the rewards of a vibrant life in this dynamic city.