The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), a cornerstone of Dubai’s administrative machinery, orchestrates the realm of entry permits, visit visas, residence visas, work visas, and beyond. As the custodian of seamless entry and habitation in Dubai, this department fulfills a pivotal role.

GDRFA : Streamlining Residency and Visas

Established with a vision to facilitate expatriates and their families, GDRFA stands as the gateway to legitimate residency and UAE visas. A harmonious coexistence in this thriving city necessitates proper documentation, and GDRFA plays a pivotal role in ensuring this harmony.

Navigating UAE’s Work Landscape

Pursuing gainful employment in UAE mandates a work permit and residency, extending to encompass family members seeking to reside alongside employees. In this intricate landscape, our expertise comes to your aid, smoothing complexities and expediting documentation to facilitate UAE visas.

The GDRFA Advantage with FIXIT Amer

At FIXIT Amer, we acknowledge the gravity of correct documentation and seamless processes, especially concerning Dubai residence visas. Our unparalleled competence stems from:

  1. Nurturing enduring alliances with government entities.
  2. Backing our experience with a seasoned, proficient staff.
  3. Handling all essentials and liaising with governmental bodies on your behalf.
  4. Ensuring document delivery right to your doorstep, alleviating any inconvenience.