Certification of Property Ownership: A Document of Authority

Embarking on the journey of validation, a “To Whom It May Concern Letter” or Certificate of Owned Properties holds the power to illuminate your property ownership status. Serving as a Statement of Customer Property or a Certificate of Satisfaction of Property Management Requirements, this document stands as a beacon of authority, a testament to your property holdings, and a testament to your fulfillment of property management prerequisites.

A Shield of Ownership: Illuminating Your Authority

In crafting this document, we provide you with a tangible representation of your property ownership. Directed towards official authorities, it reinforces your claim over referenced properties, lending an unassailable air of authority.

Streamlined Process: Illuminate Your Authority Swiftly

Applying for this “To Whom It May Concern Letter” is both swift and efficient. Presented through our specialized  centers across Dubai, the process takes mere minutes. Submit your application during Dubai Land Department’s working hours, and watch your documentation journey unfold.

To Whom it May Concern Letter Application Fees:

The cost of issuing a certificate of owned property (to whom it may concern letter) is 124.5 AED

Essential Documents for Certifying Ownership

Ensuring a seamless certification process mandates the following documents:

  1. Original ID card for individuals.
  2. Corporate business license for companies, accompanied by an official letter from the company.

Partner with us to experience efficiency in action. Our expert team stands ready to guide you through this process, ensuring your application is seamless and hassle-free. With FIXIT Government Services, the promise of timely certification comes alive, fortified by years of expertise and a commitment to transparent and convenient service.