Application for Replacement of Damaged/Lost Title Deed: A Seamless Process

Property owners and landlords can now effortlessly restore their ownership through our Replacement of Damaged/Lost Title Deed service. If your original property certificate is damaged or misplaced, this service allows you to officially request a new title deed. The issuance follows the necessary steps, including newspaper publication and adherence to legal timelines to address any objections.

Cost of Issuing Replacement Title Deed: 1158.50 AED

Essential Documents for Title Deed Replacement:

  1. Application Form: Properly filled out and personally signed by the owner or their legal representative.
  2. Owner’s Emirates ID Copy: Essential for verification purposes.
  3. Newspaper Advertisement: A 3-day consecutive publication in English.
  4. Police Report: Mandatory for lost title deed replacement.
  5. Decree of Distribution: In the event of the owner’s demise.
  6. No Advertisement Required: Non-freehold areas are exempt from newspaper ads or police reports.

Prerequisites for Title Deed Replacement:

The following entities are eligible to apply for a title deed replacement:

  1. The Owner
  2. Legal Attorney
  3. Company Representative (With Official Letter)

Count on Us for a Swift Process:

Restoring your ownership need not be cumbersome. Our centers provide efficient Replacement of Damaged/Lost Title Deed services within 30 working days. We understand the significance of property ownership and offer you a streamlined process to regain your title deed without hassle. Trust us to guide you through every step, making sure your property ownership is reinstated promptly.