Legal Translation

Fixit Government Services Offices provides you with all language solutions. Let us know your requirements and we will exceed your expectation.

We deliver your certified translations as a digital PDF document and endeavour to replicate the layout and formatting where possible. Your translation is signed and certified as appropriate.

A certified translation is the translation of a document that is accompanied with a certification. The certification is usually in the form of a signature, stamp and a statement from the translator or a representative of the translation agency.

Certified translations are required by authorities and organizations in the UK, USA, Australia and Ireland and those produced by Fixit Government Services are completed on our letterhead, and accompanied by a Statement of Accuracy, our stamp, signature and contact details.

Sworn translations are certified translations that can only be provided by officially appointed translators in the country you are submitting your application to. Sworn translators usually have to undertake exams, and are only approved to translate select languages.

Several countries globally (e.g., France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Germany) require a sworn translator. In such cases, Fixit Government Services will work with an approved translator, who completes your translation, and appends their signature, stamp & contact details, making the translation acceptable within that country.

Notarised translations are certified translations that include a sworn statement from a Notary Public. A Notary Public appends their signature & stamp to the translation, confirming the identity of the translator and certifying their statement. A Notary cannot verify the authenticity of the translation, as they are usually not translators.

Notarised Translations produced by Fixit Government Services are first certified, then presented to a British Notary Public, who appends their signature & stamp to our company certification. Notarised translations may be required in Portugal, by UK Courts, Embassies or Foreign Institutions.

Legalised translations are certified or sworn translations that have been "legalised" by a Government Ministry to make them admissible in any foreign country that is part of The Hague Convention. The legalisation process produces an Apostille, which is affixed to the translation.

Fixit Government Services produces legalised translation either by requesting one from the Sworn Translator, or by having our certified translation notarised, then legalised by the UK Foreign Office.