Long Term Visit

Are you planning to Cancel a Long Term Visit Entry Permit, you landed on the right company. Fixit Government Services Typing Center is specialized in UAE Entry permit and Residence application.

We would like to  inform you that Long term visit can be canceled if haven’t used yet and If it is been used by traveling, than no need to cancel, automatically it gets DE-activated.

To help you to apply for a Long Term Visit Entry Permit Cancellation, our Fixit Government Services Typing Center Employee may ask you for

a) Original entry permit

b) Copy of company establishment card (If sponsored by Company)

c) Trade License copy (If sponsored by Company)

d) Person’s Passport copy

e) Passport and visa copy of sponsor (If sponsored by an individual resident)

f) Passport copy and immigration file NO of the sponsor ( if national sponsor)


It will cost you AED 72/- the typing charges

Can be cancelled at the same time.

For more detail  see our Contact us page.